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i wouldn't mind if all my favorites were on this list, but not all are available for print :(


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Chapter 12

Before the sun finished sinking below the horizon I awoke to the darkness of the coffin. I could feel myself on the verge of panic.  It was like a monster you knew was creeping outside, any moment it would start trying to break down the door; right when you realize that the door wasn't even locked. I was aware that everything would be so much easier if I could just lock all that panic away. Having the panic locked away I could fully learn what this age had to show me. I could fully learn what it meant to be a vampire. As Rose had pointed out I had been closed away before I could comprehend all that I now was. I wanted to learn as much for myself as I wanted to understand Nathan's world. The world that I had just awoken too.

Laying in the darkness struggling with the panic Nathan's awareness blossomed in my mind. He was awake, stretching, ready for what the new night might bring. That's all it took. In a flash of thought I shoved panic aside and exited my confines.

What I found caused me to pause in surprise beside the coffin. I had known that Nathan was not human and indeed had only a few clues as to what he was. Blood lust and claws could have meant anything. Having nothing but stories of the supernatural world before I went into my coffin – the first one – I had no expectations. I wasn't so much surprised that Nathan was a werewolf or that they actually existed...just surprised to see him in wolf form as I climbed of the coffin. No, I was mostly amused in that moment. The children stories were true.

I was also awed. How could I not be? There was a very large wolf with amusement of his own plain as day sitting in front of me.

Hesitantly I reached out a hand, stopping a small space from his head, waiting for permission. I received it, along with the amusement he was feeling at my formality. His fur was soft as, well, fur. I had no frame of reference. At least I could remember what fur felt like, I thought sourly.

Before my thoughts could go farther in that frame of mind Nathan was transforming into his human form. It must have taken a great deal of energy for he began to sag weakly to the floor. I caught him before he could, propping him back on his feet. Once he was steady I let him go.

Nathan wasn't happy about that. He grabbed my hand and shot me a glare. Both of which confused me. I couldn't see how I'd done anything to upset him. Several emotions raced across his face as I opened myself a little more to him; quickly his features settled on smiling.

“That is certainly going to take some getting used to. But it sure is handy.” The last remark was somewhat cryptic to me. Before I could get farther than opening my mouth his other hand was there stopping the question. “There are other things we need to talk about.” Nathan's stomach grumbled loudly. “Which reminds me why I changed back. Well, one of the reasons.” Nathan let go of my hand long enough to dress himself in his discarded clothes.

Grabbing my hand again he pulled me out of the bedroom and into what appeared to be a living room and a kitchen. A couch and plush chairs to one side and counters, cabinets, and appliances on the other side. Nathan pulled me past the living room area directed me to take a seat on a stool at the counter nearest the plush seating.

“I'm hoping Rose entertains guests that eat something other than blood,” he told me over his shoulder as he reached the refrigerator.

The door next to it opened, Rose stepped out followed by her entourage, and replied, “I do. I keep it fully stocked for that reason.”


“Things got so busy yesterday since I stumbled upon you, Osiris,” I took out a steak, eggs, and several veggies and began laying them on the counter. Osiris peered at the food curiously. Continued where I left off, “that I hardly ate.” I turned to look for a couple of frying pans. “Which is really bad.” Having found what I needed I set them on the stove only to see Osiris examining the egg carton in his hands. Taking it from him I turned it right side, opened it, and showed it the contents. His eyes opened wide in understanding. I smiled.

My smile faded as I saw Rose and etc moving around, presumably getting comfortable as I made breakfast. It appeared I had until I finished eating before we got down to business.

Continuing as if nothing had happened, On top of all that,” I began cooking, “I ended up releasing the wolf.”

“Which takes a lot of energy?” Osiris guessed.


“Which is why you  collapsed after you changed.” It wasn't a question but I answered it anyways.


Breakfast turned out to be steak, on the rare side, and a giant omelette filled with veggies found in the fridge. Not saying I emptied the fridge but the raised eyebrow Rose directed towards me from her seat, also at the counter, said I gave it a good try from her point of view.

Osiris, a seat between himself and the other vampire, watched me cook with both amusement and awe.

“How are you to cook with no fire?” Curiosity and amusement mixed in his voice as I set the frying pan on the burner. “Is this another modern marvel like electric lights and cars?” Osiris leaned forward to get a better look.

I looked back at the stove top. “Hmm. I guess so. Most stoves are electric now, but come to think on it some people still use gas stoves.” At Osiris' confused expression I explained, “The gas allows you to cook safely, well, repetitively safely, with controlled flames.”

“Controlled flames. What a truly magical time it is.”

Rose spoke up, “If you think electricity and cars are magical you haven't seen much yet.”

Nothing seemed to change outwardly. There was a sudden stillness to Osiris and a quietness to his emotions. Osiris did wasn't the correct word and had nothing to do with it. In fact Osiris had no emotions regarding the woman.

I took the break in conversation to finish making breakfast, which, thankfully, didn't take long.

My breakfast finished and cleaned up Rose suggested we take seats in the living room portion of the open area space. Rose chose a comfortable looking seat and Osiris and I settled onto the couch across from her. She didn't waist time getting to the topic at hand.

All humor she displayed the night before in her club was gone. Gaze focused on Osiris she told us, “We need to find your Maker. Originally I thought you were just a punished vampire left alone and forgotten about. You were found in a chained coffin, were you not?”

Osiris nodded.

“Luca, one of my faithful guards, reminded me why I keep him around, more than his skills at keeping safe. He brought to my attention that there could be another reason. Frankly I'm surprised that your maker could be so selfish. A few different scenarios could have, and can still, happen. Even all of them. I would be more than happy to let them happen. I've known Nathan long enough to know which I should chose. The first is the one I've stated. We need to find your Maker. The second,” here Rose smiled. I knew I wasn't going to like what she had to say. She knew it too.

I was wrong. Very, very, wrong. She didn't say a word. I still didn't like what happened. I really shouldn't have been surprised. I'd known the woman – vampire long enough, well enough to understand the simple fact that Rose, and most vampires as old as her, will do what she wants for shear enjoyment; regardless of right and wrong and consequences be damned. Rue anyone who got in the way.

I hadn't been in the way. Just part of the fun.

I didn't find it fun when I began to blackout from pain. Nor when I lifted my hands to see them drenched in my own blood. Only Rose found it funny when I slipped of the couch. Only she laughed when I saw the pain mirrored in Osiris' face. It wasn't so much that she laughed; she chuckled and showed us eyes full of satisfaction. Satisfaction even when Osiris' face contorted in a monstrous rage and he leapt for her. His hands reaching for her. Struggling with consciousness I watched as her guards sprang into action.

After that I was busy with the change so that I could heal. Sooner I healed the sooner I could keep Osiris safe. From humans, from vampires, from the world. And maybe from himself. Last thing I saw of Osiris was him zipping out the door before the change took my concentration then my consciousness.
Another kind of Lesson (ch 12)
Mature content for violence.

This time Nathan learns a lesson.

ch 11 Blood Pressure (ch 11)
ch 1 How to wake a Vampire (ch 1)
    Bright white light reflected off of orange walls. Curved orange walls. With long furrows marking every space. Even the flooring. Which was more of a curved extension of the walls. I wanted to investigate the light source, but it gave off quite a bit of heat, much like a bonfire. It occurred to me that the light source was actually fire. It must be contained somehow, I mused, or it would have already spread to the rest of the room. 

    A room I was still trying to figure out how I arrived to. I had no memory of my arrival.

    There was still much to discover about my surroundings. Walking as far from the heat, and the light source, I carefully made my way to the walls. Or as close to them as I could. Where wall meet floor was too curved to walk. Curiosity got a hold on my and persuaded me to touch the wall. Doing so I discovered that it was very slightly damp to the touch and the feel of something once living.

    My wings perked up and immediately slumped again as realization hit me. I was happy to figure out where I was, but was dejected by the same thought. I was in a hollowed out pumpkin.

    The biggest question was still the most unanswered. Why? The next was, could I get out?

    Following the curved pumpkin walls I ran to towards what I hoped my be my exit. That there was a light source at all gave me reason to hope.

    Hope died.

    It was indeed a carved pumpkin I was in, but there was no opening I could squeeze through. Just thin narrow spaces that was part of the larger carving depicting some sort of face. I had hoped that it would have been a much cruder carving of triangular eye holes and jagged teeth that typically graced the humans' Jack-o-lanterns.

    Slumping where I was I waited for whatever fate had in stored for me.

    I did not have to wait long. The top of the pumpkin lifted off and a large hand reached inside.
Trapped by Jack
A short Halloween piece for the Halloween Contest held by SPOTLIGHTWRITERS
Anyone else having trouble submitting art???
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